How to improve your daily scrum

I am not happy with how the daily scrums are being held in our scrum team. We talk about what we’ve done the last day and what we plan to do the ongoing day. However, no one is interested in the work…


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Why Should You Care About Client Retention?

Let’s talk about the financial sense of client retention on Upwork and beyond.

I have recently chatted with a reader about opening up a freelancer account on Upwork. After explaining how the payment structure works on Upwork, he realized how important it is to retain clients from Upwork and was surprised that I haven’t dedicated a post for this matter.

It can be overwhelming to start a freelancing career on your own: branding, website, business development… chances are you will need to do a lot of setups before starting to focus on the tasks that are part of your core service offering. Freelancing platforms like Upwork provides freelancers with convenience and protection to setup, maintain, and manage contracts, allowing freelancers to focus on making an income doing what they do best. However, there are many perks of setting up a personal brand. If you haven’t yet made the decision about where to start your freelance practice, check out this article in which I compare the differences between working under a personal brand and through a freelancing platform.

If you have made up your mind to set up a profile on Upwork, follow along. In this article, I’ll explain the fee structure on Upwork and how improving client retention can increase the profitability of your freelance practice.

Let’s dive in.

There’s no doubt that Upwork offers great value to both businesses and freelancers. Yet, just like any other businesses, Upwork is in for profit. While it doesn’t…

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