Understanding P2P Insurance by Classification

Starting from the first P2P insurance launched by Friendsurance in 2010, the model of P2P insurance has been developed in various ways across companies, across countries. In this article, let’s recap…


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The Old Mare

She is a beautiful old lady.

Even though she’s gone stiff in old age.

In days gone by, she was fiery.

But time makes bones old and forms a cage.

Her coat is still shining a deep bay.

Those big chocolate eyes still glitter.

Even though her mane has a few greys.

Those legs can still tear up an acre.

Twenty-five years she’s spent on this earth.

Even though she still enjoys her hacks.

I may have had to let out her girth,

it doesn’t hinder or hold her back.

Unlike in the school, where she’s a mule.

Dragging hooves, napping or refusing,

she hates it and shows her ridicule.

It is boringly agonizing.

In the field, she’s a wondrous sight.

When she gallops across, head held high.

I just can’t let her overexcite,

she thinks she is young and can still fly.

The lead mare, her subjects in their place.

Making sure the young always behave.

A heart of gold as long as their space

til’ annoyed; then she’ll make you a grave.

Her affection can turn opposite

absolutely female through and through.

But, an apple is her chocolate,

assures forgiveness is in view.

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