Navigating the Holidays While LGBT

With end-of-year holidays fast approaching, the pressure to reunite with families builds. For many people, it’s one of the best parts of the holidays. But for some, it can be a source of dread —…


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The Plight of the Amazon Woman

posing in the mirror
hands on my hips
it just doesn’t feel right
i have two breasts

the amazons had one
forsaken mortal sacrifice
of self.

was there really any gain
in stripping flesh for power
of man
if a rose is only balanced when
beauty sits in thorns

but to mutilate the body,
sever the breast that feeds

for the sake of an arrow
when everyone knows
psyche died to find cupid
and his wounds healed to scars
but his arrow never missed

and if we drop our armor
and let a lover in
death becomes
our breasts.

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