Duro golpe en casa

Por lo menos en lo futbolístico, no hay nada nuevo. El equipo del “Negro” Gómez volvió a perder; esta vez fue en el Amalfitani por 1–0 con Godoy Cruz con gol de Victorio Ramis tras una gran jugada…


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A Series Of Unexpected Sensations

Thrifty Words 100 Theme Challenge #3: Satisfaction

There was nothing about that first encounter which foretold the brilliance of what lay ahead.

The aching feet, the pain in my torso and the screaming lungs were reason enough not to continue. In the background, looped the critical voice.

The jabs from friends and family were loud and discouraging. Cotton burns and blackened toes compounded the doubt.

The rewards were long, slow and awkward.

Moments of pure bliss and exhilaration. Orgasmic. A torrent of stillness and quiet.

I endured agony and boredom. Desperation. Tears of frustration rained unchecked.

These twenty-odd plus years, running has been a constant companion.

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