Why Should Startups Care About Consumer Profiling

With lots on their plates, and not necessarily so much in their bank accounts, consumer profiling isn’t always a top priority for startups. It might be seen as an unnecessary expense or something…


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Guest Speaker Reflection

Danke Herr Schulz! I found the talk to be engaging, informative, and helpful for an upcoming trip to Germany.

One of the most interesting points made by Herr Schulz was about the collective sense of pride towards the German central bank. He said that they see it as a source of stability and the backbone of the economy. In the United States, I’ve noticed that the public opinion of the Federal Reserve is positive when there is monetary expansion, but negative when the money supply must be contracted. This is a narrow minded way of thinking because it disregards the Fed’s underlying goal of price stability. However it seems that Germans understand the role of the central bank and have a positive view of it in boom or bust.

On a side note I found it interesting to hear critiques of the United States political system from a German. I never considered that fundamentally our political system is quite outdated, because I am often focused on partisan conflicts.

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