My mind wanders to salty moments on the ocean with my dad. Even though I got sea sick, he always invited me on fishing trips when I was little. James crosses his arms over his chest. Still in his…


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The Weight of the Side Quest

Omori’s side quests make for purposeful delays and overdue epiphanies

The RPG-style game has been around for more than a few decades. I began to play them after seeing new creators in the field pay homage to their predecessors. Undertale became the first game that I played seriously and even streamed. YouTube, friends, and the Undertale fandom brought me to this game, wanting to understand the story.

It’s this game where I learned that my heart is too big.

A common aspect found in RPGs is the side quest. You can veer away from the main storyline to complete little errands. In fact, some players enjoy the subplots tucked away in these sidequests than the main game itself. Or perhaps sidequests are enjoyable to some because it’s a way to earn 100% completion in a game — a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

In most cases, the sidequest contains activities where you have the time to complete them and the consequences of failing or not even attempting are minimal. Omori is a game that reimagines the sidequest.

This game deconstructs the task. Some side quests in the game are mandatory, but mostly, you make the choice to go on the journey. We soon find out the reason behind these quests and how it lends to the central narrative of the game.

Omori starts out as a cute RPG. The title character meets his group of friends, in a realm called Headspace, and receives an allowance in a currency called Clams. You begin on a quest to find Basil, a sweet boy who makes flower crowns and tends to his garden. It should be simple enough, but a lot of monsters take an interest in Basil’s presence. One outright kidnaps him after the friend group accidentally excluded him from a game of hide-and-seek. Even after the rescue, Basil disappears into Headspace. You have only his flower crowns in his absence.

The boss battles also seem cutesy, various, and creative. You can fight abandoned mixtapes, strange creature hybrids, and even a ’90s download window that you would have seen on…

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