Why Kenya Farmers Are Nuts about Macadamia

Are you a farmer and you have grown tired of planting crops like maize, coffee, and tea that fetch low returns on investment? Here is good news for you … Majority of Kenyan farmers are beginning to…


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A World Divided by Good Health and not Simply Wealth

Fresh Insight: Covid-19 and Global Health

That Covid-19 is a global crisis is well understood. Strikingly, the evidence suggests much of it could have been avoided had we all taken better care of our collective health and wellbeing.

The idea that we are a nation divided is nothing new. Most of the debate concentrates on wealth, but the reality is health is just as much of an issue, perhaps or so.

Our health is driven by many factors with the environment and government policies playing a key role, but it is arguably the one are that more than most we can directly influence and yet many of us make poor choices and with devastating consequences to both the quality of our lives and our overall life expectancy.

These personal choices have a huge impact on society as a whole, and not just in terms of the overall healthcare burden. Indeed, our collective failure to address underlying health issues in our society has very much contributed to the global crisis that is Covid-19.

By failing to address underlying issues that contribute to good health developed nations have left millions of their people susceptible to viral attack and early death.

Poor health is the accumulation of many factors, it builds up over time, and it ultimately leads to a major division in society. One where those in good health can expect to live 20 years longer than those who aren’t so fortunate: One where those who do die young can also expect to live their latter years in poor health and in need of constant medical and healthcare support.

Under the media glare of Covid-19 it is easy to think we are all equally at risk of dying from the disease. The truth is that we are not, far from it. Many of us, indeed most of us, are in good health and the virus presents little risk (Appendix 5). Not because the virus isn’t deadly, it is, but because over 3 billion years of evolution have equipped us all with the bodily defences and immune systems…

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