Announcing The Community VIM Producer Contest Finalists And Details On How You Can Vote

We were very excited to announce our first Community VIM Producer contest and offer our talented community the chance to showcase their skills to the world. For this inaugural event, we asked the…


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Why Reaction Channels Work on Youtube

Human connection is powerful

We can all recall certain moments in our favorite television shows. Something that excited us to our very core. We wanted nothing more than to share that moment with someone. Anyone. We wanted someone to love this as much as we do. Because of Youtube reaction channels, thousands of people share those moments every day.

Youtube reaction channels aren’t new. They’ve been around a long time and will continue to thrive well into the future. I’ve watched my fair share of reaction videos on the site and have come to a conclusion on why people love these types of videos.

Generally speaking, human beings have a need for human connection. They seek out other people to experience the world with. From the time we’re children we reach out into the world hoping to find someone to connect with.

As we get older making friends and connections becomes more complex and sometimes very complicated.

People become more secluded and shared experiences become less available to many people. In short, people are lonely.

That person that comes home from work after a long day spent with people they don’t necessarily care for sits down and watches their favorite show. Loving every second of it. It’s an escape. A release from the stresses of their everyday life.

That same person however can now go look up reactions of other people watching the same show. Seeing them “experience” it for the first time as they did when they watched it. Yes, some reaction channels are staged. Of course some are. Where there’s money there will be someone looking just to make a profit.

However many of these channels are genuine. This is the experience so many are looking for. Other people enjoy the same thing they do. Loving it. Watching streaming shows and movies. Reacting to big moments. Discussing themes and plot points. Loving and hating characters together.

The shared experience.

Youtube reaction channels allow people from all over the world to come together and share their interests in a show or movie. This happens into perpetuity. Take Game of Thrones for example. One of the…

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