Relatos de Historias Cruzadas

Historias cruzadas es una película que narra el crudo conflicto racial que dio lugar en Estados Unidos en los años 60. “Skeeter” es una joven que vive en Jackson — Mississippi y quien se acaba de…


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The Walk

You don’t have to sit still to meditate

I discovered the incredible benefit of moving meditation years ago. Twice a month my facility would set up a labyrinth in their chapel. Every second and fourth Fridays found me taking a bit more time for lunch and walking its intricate path.

Over and over I would place each step with care and mindfulness. I would feel my mind open and thoughts would flow — in, past, through, around. Solutions to problems I pondered would arrive on wings of peace.

Years later, I would buy my first motorcycle. I was stunned to find that riding my bike on peace-filled country roads produced the same mindfulness as my labyrinth walks. Zen found me as I became one with the wind, the trees, the road, with My Now —completely in the moment.

Now I am retired and I walk every day. Every. Single. Day. Not only is it good for my body but my soul looks forward to that time with enthusiasm. Getting outside in the North Carolina sunshine is a tremendous boost to my mental health. And walking quietly with my consciousness brings perspective and peace.

I have found that I sleep a lot better on the days I walk. Even with a daily mindfulness practice — my walking meditation takes me deeper into contentment. It becomes easier to let go of what troubles me and to embrace gratitude.

Walking in nature, even if it’s just a local greenway, helps me feel connected to Life. I feel the energy of the trees. They whisper softly to me as they cleanse the earth. I encounter birds aplenty — from songbirds to predators to vultures — they are all there with me. They soar overhead or sing to me from the safety of their perches. Plump squirrels and rabbits dash about in front of my path, reminding me of our collective abundance.

I become one with All. Of. Them.

If you’ve tried a meditation practice and found you just couldn’t sit still that long, I urge you to go for a walk. A good long walk. Because you don’t have to sit still to meditate.


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