Van Gogh Live

Van Gogh is the perfect example of virality considered in terms of growth over time, rather than outbreak. While he only sold one of his paintings (The Red Vineyard) during his lifetime, he soon was…


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Let Moderation Be a Guide

When it comes to eating, moderation can bring balance between excess and absence.

They say too much of a good thing is bad. That sounds like two extremes to me. But isn’t that what it’s all about, staying away from the extremes — starving yourself; binge eating?

There are tons of diet plans out there. Many of them showing in some capacity studies revealing the good and the bad of each. Some diets restrict your meals for six days/week, and then you are allowed one cheat day. Two extremes. Take intermittent fasting — you eat for 12 hours and fast for 12 hours. Again, two extremes. No one heard of balance?

The first thing that comes to mind is sleep. One thing I know not to deprive myself of is sleep. The effects of that are well known. Once in a while is okay, and you can recover from that easily. Another is food. Food deprivation is hunger. But eating past the point of fullness is not necessary for life and one of the extremes. So the question then is, how do you find a middle ground?

Nobody wants constant bombarding messages every day telling us to eat healthily and avoid high sugar products and saturated fats. Yes, the reminders are great, but there are some ways in which you can manage the delicate balance between deprivation and overeating.

I had half a chocolate bar one afternoon, and when my husband asked me if I’d like a Lindor ball in the evening, I said yes. What difference can one chocolate ball make, right? Then I thought I already had chocolate earlier and…

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