Why a Pure Clay Tandoor Oven Gives You an Edge Over Other Types

It is not an exaggeration to say that a Tandoor oven is one the most flexible cooking utensils in the kitchen. Some even work both on the stove top and in the oven. A variety of dishes can be…


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How I Created These 05 Life Easy Income Streams

I will share with you my experience with each of them

There is continuous debate about the 9–5 jobs over the years with the increase in alternate income generation sources through e-commerce.

Multiple Income generation streams have lucrative offers for the individuals to spend time as per their choices and work accordingly.

Every one of us must give it a go-to create multiple income streams once at least to bring the best out of us.

Blowing with the wind like others, in the latter part of the year 2019, I decided to try my luck to generate multiple income streams. I aimed to ease out my financial requirements along with getting rid of the 9–5 job routine.

2020 was the whole year I pursued different kinds of side hustles to generate persistent income streams. I tried them to a certain level. I must say I learned quite a bit.

I will discuss them in the coming lines and share my experience with the following.

1- Commodity future trade.

2- Writing on Medium

3- Fiverr

4- Up-work

5- Stock Photography

While I was looking for making some choice about e-commerce decision. I came to a cross-commodity future trading idea.

I’m a business graduate dealing in finances over the years. Considering my background in finance and interest in reviews and news etc, I backed myself to the business.

Initially, I did not take into consideration the number of heavy commissions of the brokers and I had to pay hefty amounts.

One has to take proper information before entering.

Writing on Medium can be considered as my best decision only as far as we don’t consider the income generation. I had the privilege to meet great minds at…

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