A year in Monochrome

On September 1st of 2017 I decided that I would embark on another 365 challenge, this time in Monochrome. The idea is that each day, for a year, I will post an image in Black and White without…


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Getting Curious about Sound

Earlier this week while scrolling through twitter, I stumbled across a link to this podcast called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. This was actually my first time ever listening to this particular podcast. I was interested in this particular episode because I loved Jonathan’s previous work and his guest this week was Reese Witherspoon. My little Legally Blonde heart was all over this.

I usually like to watch/listen to podcasts that have both audio and visual, so this was a new change for me. It was interesting to really focus in on what they were saying and how they were saying it. The only real music in this podcast was the opening and ending theme song; Freak by Quinn, a song that I heard never heard before. It was pretty upbeat, but not too much that it seems out of place here. Also at the beginning was an advertisement for Squarespace. I think these elements were significant in establishing the tone for Jonathan’s podcast overall. It’s professional, uplifting, and a place to be yourself.

I think the lack of music or sound effects during the actual podcast emphasized the voices of the people that were speaking. Jonathan has a very loud voice, talks very quickly, and his tone and inflection change a lot when he’s telling a story. Reese speaks much slower, but they both laughed a lot, and used really positive tones even when talking about controversial things. Overall it felt like a nice chat between friends.

The podcasts I watch tend to talk about a variety of things in one episode. A running theme throughout this episode was Hollywood. They spoke about the projects they were each working on (yes, Legally Blonde 3!!!). They also talked about inclusivity in Hollywood, because Reese started a company in order to get more women-lead projects. Though it can be a touchy subject, they looked at in a very positive light, and their uplifting tones definitely helped emphasize their message that inclusivity in Hollywood is so important! I’m definitely getting curious to see what the next episode has in store!

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