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Enhancing the Priyo number User experience in bkash

bkash is an online banking app with over 2.2 million registered users. In addition, 98% of mobile users in Bangladesh have access to bKash.

Priyo Number: A bKash customer can add 5 bKash customer Account numbers (Not agent or merchant number) as Priyo numbers in a calendar month. No charge will be applicable on the bKash App or USSD for Send Money up to 100 Tk to any number.

Thumbnail of Case Study

Problem Statement

Exiting user flow of Sending money

Why did we choose this problem?

At first, we sat down together to discuss what type of sector we wanted to work on. We were four members. We have chosen Fintec. Therefore, we divided our findings into two sections that analyzed two mobile application problems. Each member shares a point from each app. We began discussing which ideas would be most essential and which would be most effective.
Then we decided to work on the bkash mobile app problem, “Improving Priyo Number features.”

Writing key issues of these apps on Figjam.


` We’re not affiliated with BKash. In this case study, our views are solely our own, not those of bKash. As relatively inexperienced designers, we acknowledge that our vision might be overly ambitious. If we were to work at bkash, we would have access to data and metrics to help influence ideas and concepts. There is no intention of presenting this case study as comprehensive or exhaustive.`

After that, we had a lot of initial thoughts.

Throughout the journey, we followed Double Diamond Process.

User Interview: New User (0–2 months)
To get surface ideas, we asked the users some questions


Checking the current flow
To gain a better understanding of the problems, we conduct a usability test with six new users.



As we hadn’t mentioned the “Priyo number” to him, he didn’t notice the “Priyo number” option on the home screen.

Because the Priyo number button was smaller than other screen buttons, the user searched for add the button. Also, it took him much longer to complete his task.

Spend more time sending money after adding a Priyo number from “tap here to send money for free”. Then, the user was returned to the list of Priyo numbers, but their initial need was to send money.

In this case, the problem is that there was no clear message from bKash that you already added 5 Priyo numbers this month, remove this, and you cannot add more numbers for this month.

There is a communication gap between bkash & users.

User Interview: Pro User (more than three months)




The user skipped the Priyo number feature on the home screen. Because the user finds it easier to use sending money features.

Send money easily after finding the Priyo number. It took a lot of work for the user to search for the Priyo number from the search bar. It was also time-consuming. Because of that, the user expected the list of Priyo numbers there.

Due to the user not reading the rules provided in the list of Priyo numbers feature, the user didn’t know the rules for adding Priyo numbers to a calendar month.

The user was confused between the Priyo number feature and the priyo agent feature and could not add a Priyo agent number. It was because there was no Priyo agent feature section.

Finalized the problems we found.
After speaking with users and gathering information from what they said and did, we identified four problems.

Ideate the solutions.
As soon as we recognize problems, we separately brainstorm potential solutions. Each person in our group brings something unique to the table regarding problem-solving. We created some preliminary wireframes and user flows, which helped us better understand how to address those issues.

User Flow
We design this flow from the beginning of a user’s experience with the product to better understand how our users would interact with our suggested solution.

As soon as we had finished Ideating, we began to turn our ideas into visual solutions. Based on the fact that our users are of two types, we divided this phase of the solution into two parts.

Problem 1: New users cannot identify the “Priyo number” in the send money feature.

Scenario 1 ( identify from the home page )

Problem 2: Adding a new Priyo number while using the sending money feature takes a lot of time.

Solution: We solved this problem in two ways for our two types of user
1. Pro user
2. New user

Scenario 1 For Pro users:

For pro users
For pro users
For pro users

Scenario 2 For New users:

Problem 3: Users don’t know about the Priyo numbers adding rules in a month.

When the user wants to try adding more than 5 Priyo Numbers in one month ( pro users)
Will notify a user when s/he can add Priyo number after deleting the existing one.
After deleting the existing Priyo Number

Problem 4: There is confusion between adding Priyo numbers and adding Priyo agents.

After coming up with solutions, We conduct user testing with 4 participants. As we already told you, our target user group is two types, so there were 2 new users {Scenario 1} & the other two were exiting users { Scenario 2}.

Testing report problem-wise

After getting some meaningful insights from user testing, we started iterating our design.

The new user could not identify Priyo Number features on the send money flow.

After Iteration 👆

The user did not notice Priyo Number adding rules & benefits in the bottom sheets.

After Iteration 👆
After Iteration 👆

Final Thoughts
We’re done explaining the process from our team’s perspective on the UX Research case study project. We gain a lot of insight and opportunities from interviews and conversations with users. We hope that the enhanced Priyo number feature will be convenient for users. ​

It was interesting to learn how actual users think about that feature differently than designers do. Due to time constraints, we used a small amount of data and conducted our research. Further analysis and testing are needed to refine and validate the solution. Also, due to time limitation, we could not test our solution with enough users. ​

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