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Deterministic Masternode List and Automatic InstantSend Now Live

Dash Community,

We are pleased to share that the Deterministic Masternode List (Spork 15) and Automatic InstantSend (Spork 16) are now active on the Dash network.

Now, the network uses a single source of truth (the deterministic masternode list) to determine the recipient of the masternode portion of the block reward in a transaction, rather than relying on peer-to-peer messages to work this out. In addition, when quorums of masternodes are used to validate transactions, the quorum is determined by information found on the blockchain itself. This ensures that nodes come to agreement on which masternodes get included in a quorum, because rather than maintain its own masternode list, a node can pull the data from an on-chain, single source of truth.

The team is also excited to now offer network users automatic instant payments for transactions with 4 or fewer inputs. These transactions represents over 90% of transactions on the Dash network, so almost all users will benefit from this feature — at no additional cost. The system will attempt to “lock” any transaction with 4 or less inputs by default, and remove the additional fee that historically was needed for instant transactions.

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