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CTO Craft Bytes are back!

Howdy, friends

Here’s what we’ve got planned for 2018 at CodeNode:

CTO Craft Bytes — the Burnout One, June 27th

June 27th 2018

Work-related stress and burnout are unnervingly common among CTOs and engineering managers of all experience levels, in all industries and of all ages. We’ll be exploring causes, identifiers, strategies for addressing burnout, and hearing from CTOs who’ve experienced the worst first-hand

If you’d like to chat confidentially about any of these issues, drop Andy a line directly, and he’ll arrange a chat with you — andy@ctocraft.com

July 26th 2018

Knowing what motivates you and your team can make leadership and management vastly simpler, as can knowing the difference between motivations and hygiene factors. We’ll be talking about Motivational Mapping, a tool to understand your motivations, and looking at opportunities for building better rapport and trust within your team, as well as shaping a happier working environment for you.

August 22nd 2018

Providing a structured learning and development approach to your engineering teams and giving it the commensurate budget is vital; having a learning process for yourself as a leader is equally important. We’ll look at ways to build a culture of learning, hear success stories, talk to career development professionals and walk through ways to sell it to your organisation.

September 24th 2018

How on Earth do you choose and manage an outsourced development partner? Is it economically better than building a team? How do you reduce the risk and ensure milestones and quality expectations are met? Should you go near or far-shore, and how do you spot a good outsourcer from a bad one? We’ll be looking at all of the above and giving you some quick wins

October 23rd 2018

Who’s your “First Team”? Your First Team is the group of people you should be most loyal to, and whose needs you put above all others — and no, it’s not the engineering team members! The other department heads and team leads across other functions are your primary stakeholders, and the success of your business depends on your relationship with them. In this chat, we’ll talk about sideways and upwards management, stakeholder relations and peer communication.

November 28th 2018

One-to-ones are the most valuable tool in your leadership arsenal, allowing you to sidestep and extinguish people and process problems, set expectations and coach team members in one fell swoop. In this session we’ll hear how different organisations factor these meetings into their processes, what works and what doesn’t.

That’s it for now! Hope to see you at a CTO Craft event sometime very soon

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