There is love in our bodies but we can’t let it out because fate can be a cruel master; it dropped us here too many years apart and too many lovers between us block the heart that holds our secret…


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French kiss

Deeper into the countryside
We passed abandoned cars
On our way to other dangers
Earlier it had been sleet and rain
Sleet and ice, sleet and sleet

We were girls who had been on the road
Passing in December-storm fashion, undaunted
Exhilarated by our escape
From the regular
We arrived breathless
Absorbed by the suburban mall afternoon
Strollers and balloons

Convenient condom vending machines
In the restrooms
We kiss-kissed
Except me and him
Lip proximity made it too dangerous
The curious took note of this

The old guitar had to come inside
We crossed the parking lot
Hunched like melting snowmen.
I smelled the leather of his jacket
That the men here are so fond of

His feet were wet, as was his beard
I was thinking at high speed
About a kiss, a real kiss
One where they look you in the eyes
Before and after
Tasting your actual thoughts
The way you childhood-dreamt it
Kissing for god-knows-how-long
Endlessly, on cruise-control

Water streamed from melted slush
In wintery rivers
As I stumbled into the van’s dark interior
Unprepared but ready
I would act first
A defense grown robust
In the rich soil of childhood trauma
He was leaning in just slightly
Trying to deceive the weather
When it happened

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