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Building Your Muscles With The Strength Of Your Mind

by Omkar Kulkarni

Amidst the sweat-stained mats, raging testosterone, the generic workout music and the grunting noise of newbies lifting weights, the peaceful art of meditation instantly seems like it holds no place in the hyper-masculine walls of the gym.

Perhaps for someone as young as me, meditation always seemed like something that the oldies would do. But when the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) revealed, “I could use my workouts as a form of meditation because I concentrate so much on the muscle. My mind’s inside the bicep when I do my curls. I have my mind inside the pectoral muscles when I do the bench press.” I was taken aback. Because when training for strength or muscle growth the most common advice I got was to focus on weightlifting protocols and diet, but the mental concentration is another important factor.

Lessons from the Best

A renowned Meditation teacher Trudy Goodman talks about building your muscles with the strength of your mind, “It’s like building muscle with repetitions at the gym. Each moment that we do this, each moment that we are here for it and staying with it builds the strength to endure moments that we might not have any choice about enduring. We become aware that we’re operating through this frame of expectation and comparing what is to what should be and the awareness of that itself seems to polish and clean the lens.”

Here’s how you can actually work on your muscles mindfully and how meditation and will help you with your deadlifts, bring you back to your form and rapidly help you with your recovery.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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