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On Being A God


I had a conversation with myself a few days back, and came to the realization of those four words. Now, for something I don’t really believe, it would irk me to even think the thought, but this stayed. It not only stayed, it made me feel empowered. I felt empowered to keep putting up a fight.

I decided to represent this new empowering paradigm visually, and I did. I love to express my thoughts, so I took to social media with my new found reality.

The religious mob came for me. Now, from the comments, I’m not entirely sure if the root cause of the uproar was from a fault in my theology, or their understanding of basic English, but I'd rather not go into details.

Basically, the majority assumed I equated myself with God, a rather interesting interpretation of “I AM A GOD”; emphasis on “A”.

In the words of Kanye West “…I just told you who I think I am — A GOD”.

It has always been a part of human community to want to have a unified identity. This explains tribalism, nepotism, conservative stances, amongst other social phenomena. You and I are drawn to what we can identify with. We will fight whatever does not look like what we believe — sometimes without thought.

The constructs of society are necessary. These constructs keep order in place and help you and I know what to expect from the next person standing by; to trust they probably won’t flip and stab you because they feel like it.

I saw this play out when I declared my god status. The average person doesn’t feel like a god, so “Who dares say he is a god?” “What audacity?” “Are you saying you’re more superior than I am?”

I basically think the uproar had more to do with individual ego, self-perception and self-judgement, than what I declared to be what I thought of myself. At the most basic level, my personal beliefs toward myself have little to zero effect on you, if you’re okay with yourself. But if you’re not, then “Who does he think he is?”

For effect, I AM A GOD.

You know, God made what we know as reality within six days and rested on the seventh.

As a god, I have to play my part. I too have to create my sub reality in six days of work, and then rest on the seventh. You see, I’m actually quite a powerful god.


With just the words of my mouth, I have the power to make people feel disturbed on the inside — as my declaration of god status has demonstrated. With my written words, I have the power to alter your world view, no matter how subtle it may seem — as my blog posts have demonstrated.

I AM A GOD, because however I choose to do my six-day god work, the earth will not remain the same. In my six days of work, I can — as I am already up to — create a new sub-reality which will directly have an effect on those who see themselves as mere mortals, and the minute elite who wake up to their god responsibilities.

I create, I decide, I discard, I approve, therefore I AM A GOD.

With great power comes great responsibilities. It’s hard work BEING A GOD; I have to take responsibility for my actions. When I do good and have a positive effect, I feel even more empowered. But on days when I tilt the world that little bit in the direction of darkness and destruction, it weighs down on me. It crushes, because I look at the evil thing I’ve done, and think “I did that, I made the world that tiny little bit worse”

There’s already enough darkness in the world, and the only pathway to significance, to standing STRONG AS A GOD, is to be a person who brings light. I have the power to act, so I must act as a god who creates light and light-bearing sub-realities.

Doing otherwise would crush my very being. The weight of darkness is heavy — it crushes. It brings “judgement from God”. That weight of darkness is in my opinion, a message to tell you and I — if you choose to ascend to god status — the effect such an unworthy action has on the world.

I remember negative emotions more than positive ones, and it helps me stay away from negative actions because I'm all too aware what it will cause; not just to the next person, but to me when I try to rest at night.

I AM A GOD, but I could be nothing, if I misuse my power.

Being active and alive is way beyond living, breathing. To be alive is to have a vision and to pursue. To have an aim, to set out, and to achieve that aim.

It’s a subtly remarkable thing to wake up everyday, driven by the desire to move forward. You see, it takes absolutely no effort to destroy. Nature is designed to disintegrate whatever is laid before it.

Average effort keeps me alive enough to replace deadness as it is brought about by nature. Moving forward has to do with conquering my past, understanding my present and grasping my future. That is my power.

As a god, I’m able to create a vision for the future, for who I want to be — to me, to family, to society.

My power as a god, is that I don’t accept what is handed to me; I go after what I want. I can’t control everything, but the least I can do is stumble toward that which I believe is noble, worthy, godly; and to die trying if I must.

It’s a war of gods out here. The mortals are the pawns, the gods decide.


Love me, irked out by me, I’m STILL A GOD… and kind of like God, your ‘hot take’ has nothing on me.

I feel powerful, it cannot be overstated. I have my six days of work. I will have my day of rest.

I will continue to create, decide, discard and approve until my vision for my sub-reality is.

I AM A GOD. I have decided that.

The question now is, “Who are you?”

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