Mirror Gratitude

This is the second mirror I’ve had hanging here on the back of this closet door. The first one shattered almost exactly a year ago (2/4/2020) when I put my hand into it. Twice. In quick succession…


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Preparation is Key

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail” by Benjamin Franklin

When something looks easy on the surface, it is often easy to forget the hard work and preparation that went into making it ‘look easy’.

We see a post on social media of someone graduating. The sun is shining and everyone is happy. However, it is often easy to forget the blood, sweat and tears it took to get into that position. Another example is seeing my manager do a presentation to the partners at my firm. In the meeting, I am thinking ‘wow, this guy is a natural’, ‘he speaks so well’ or ‘he knows everything’. That often leads to self-doubt, as it can create a mindset where I may think I can never do the same, as I simply don’t have the ‘natural skills’ to do so. However, I forget that this isn’t some natural ability at all. To present a piece of work well, it takes hours and hours of practice behind the scenes. In fact, to do anything well, it not only takes hours practice, but years of going through failure and facing difficulties. In most cases, nearly everyone will have to go through the same process, even the most senior people.

The issue is that only the surface gets displayed. No one sees the work behind the scenes. No one sees the part of the iceberg below the sea.

I thought I would post this as a reminder to myself to always prepare well. Put the extra work in beforehand, and let the final piece you showcase to others look effortless.

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