Ohio To Erie Trail Day Two Off Trail in the Ghetto

I was trying to time my arrival in Columbus to meet a friend about 530 pm at the Boathouse Restuarant, which is right off the Scioto Trail. I did not leave Cedarville until about 9 am, since it would…


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Determine Who Your Top Salespeople Are Using DAX In Power BI

Picture this all too familiar scenario….

You are in a meeting and asked, for example, about your sales territories… Who are your top three salespeople in each territory? Drilling deeper, what are they selling, when are they selling it and how much?

Utilizing DAX in Power BI we can in fact dynamically uncover these insights and easily visualize information of this sort. In this video, I explain how to construct the key formula needed to achieve this and some reasons why this information might be valuable.

This technique could be used for a range of different applications. In this example, the analysis could be used to recognize and reward the top three salespeople in each region on a monthly basis without the need for complex and time-consuming data-collection and analysis that needed to start again as soon as the prior month’s analysis was completed.

Some other uses could include; highlighting your top three customers, your top three products or the three largest cost groups per region. Ultimately these insights can help you to hone your business strategy around products or regions.

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