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Knowing and Understanding the Characteristics of a Gifted Child

Records reveal that Einstein was already four years old before he could to talk and seven before he could even read. Thomas Edison was also told by his teacher when he was a young boy that he was too unintelligent to learn anything. And Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor believing he had “no good ideas.” But surprisingly, all three did not just excel, but they magnificently transcended the intellect of a typical intelligent person.

Common Thought for a Gifted Child

Many people truly believe that a gifted child is always characterized by excelling always inside the classroom. Unfortunately, this is an old and unreliable belief. The truth is that it is not necessary for a gifted child to become the student who excels in a classroom; even Isaac Newton performed poorly when he was in grade school.

It is not actually difficult to determine if a child is gifted because it can be observed through his behavior. Although some of the gifted children do not exhibit a learning ability at their young age, this can still be traced through certain characteristics traits. Essentially, a child’s giftedness can be detected through the use of conspicuous methods that involve careful comparisons with other children belonging to the same age.

Identifying the Characteristics of a Gifted Child

General Behavioral Characteristics

Apparently, the behavior of a gifted child is different from the other children belonging to the same age. Many of the gifted children are capable of reading early on with better comprehension. In fact, almost half of the gifted children have learned to read just before they started school.

Another thing to note to identify if a child is gifted is if he can easily learn basic skills without too much practice. Gifted children are also capable of working independently at a young age. In addition, they can focus on what they doing for longer periods.

Learning Characteristics

A child can be viewed to have an advance learning capability if he is skeptical, evaluative, and critical at an early age. His level of intelligence can also be considered as advance if it is easy for him to note for inconsistencies. As well, a gifted child has learning characteristics such as quick perception of differences, similarities, and anomalies.

Creative Characteristics

When it comes to creativity, a gifted child normally shows a sense of originality. A gifted child also beholds an attitude that always seeks for something new, unconventional, or unusual combinations in things. This is because a gifted child is an elaborate thinker, aiming to make out something new — both in ideas and things.

Also, since a gifted child is more curious about situations, events, or objects, he is also more willing to welcome complexities. Because of this, a gifted child can be expected to flourish in problem-solving. Lastly, a gifted child displays great sensitivity to beauty and attraction to aesthetic values.

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