Why Surveys and does my opinion even change something?

Why Surveys and does my opinion even change something?. So basically because I had a lot of spare time I thought I should do a little research on the matter. I found out that surveys are great….


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What is Entrepreneurship?

Before focusing on Entrepreneur are born or made, let’s know what is Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship? how many types of Entrepreneurship are exist?

Small Medium Enterprise Entrepreneurship:
These are fundamental small companies and they stay small. Their focus on local market they provide product or service on local and they do not something go global. It could be restaurant, travelling service, making different software and so on. The cash flow of this Entrepreneurship is slow to grow and at certain state, it’s graph is horizontal or may be down.

Innovation Driven Enterprise Entrepreneurship:
This one is looking to global market, this requires more money then SME and also requires export people to control and manage their product or services globally. It’s service or product would be same as SME but in the huge amount. The cash flow of IDE is growing faster then SME if and only if they provides right service or product to the right peoples.

In my opinion Entrepreneur are made because no one are born bring any knowledge, everyone learn from environment learn from someone by seeing someone, simple is that if you are belong to business family so you have been seeing your relatives to doing business since childhood, how they manage works how they deal with their clients all these things train you and made your mind as a entrepreneur.

Example of those peoples who are not born Entrepreneur but they made himself as a Entrepreneur.

These are not born Entrepreneur but they learned to their mistakes and made themself of Entrepreneur.

So the conclusion is that Entrepreneur can be born or made, The two distinct questions we can ask
The first is: Are entrepreneurs born or made? This question looks only at a person’s probability of starting a business; and. according to research, entrepreneurs are more often born.
The second is: Are successful entrepreneurs born or made? This question ignores the probability of starting a business, instead favoring the probability of success within a leadership position of a business. According to research, successful entrepreneurs are more often made.

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