Compromise Leads to Destruction

In AD 321 Constantine created the first Sunday law in history to encourage Christians to honor Sunday instead of Saturday as the Sabbath. After much persecution of Bible following Christians who…


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Three Reasons I would Thrive in an OPEN Organization

Open Sharing

Open organizations accept ideas from any contributor, regardless of their position within the company. This is a characteristic that is pretty specific to open organizations, and helps to define the open atmosphere of how the organization functions.With this, perspectives that may otherwise never be explored are revealed and may provide an angle that proves itself to be a key component in accomplishing a goal. By sharing ideas within the entire group, it allows those in lower tier positions to still be heard. If an idea is good it may then be passed along to one of the company’s “rockstars,” as Whitehurst called them, and those particular employees can run with it and perhaps create something spectaular.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The employees in an open organization are often working towards the same goal(s) and that means that several game plans are going to be made in hopes of the identical end results. The good thing about this is that sometimes conflicting ideas can produce an optimal one. And since open organizations have the quality of free idea sharing, everyone is able to contribute and adjust plans as needed.

Room to Grow in Fertile Soil

With rewards based on merit and performance, feeling stagnant is not common in open organizations. Engagement is a key principle in open organizations, which keeps employees moving and focused. As employees work through different projects demonstrating their individual skills, they can be promoted for their performances.

The Point

Open organizations’ specific characteristics which outline the way they function are the secret to their success. Although the main principles may be fairly simple, they’re certainly effective. A unique opportunity for employment and career growth attracts workers with a desire to work in a creative environment.

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