Understanding The Metals Business With An API That Gives You Historical Rates

Do you want to know the current and historical prices of precious metals like gold and silver? Above all, would you like to get these costs quickly and easily? Look no further; this page has all of…


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I left behind in the sea; I look to the sky and see the difference between you and me. You are me; we are supposed to be one but time set you free. I’m not blind, I just didn’t see that you’re alive, I have feelings but you never let me feel you. I’m at the sea I look at the sky and realize that I’m alone but my imagination is keeping me alive.

I should accept you, I made a mistake and you still understand me but all I did is to betray you. I know you’re here, I know you’re still with me but I am acting like a child and wanting to be free but everyone knows that you are me.

Now that I’m alone, I realize how important you are. You’re not my other half because you are me. I’m walking at the sea but you’re walking in the darkness. When the time set you free, I hope life set me free, but because you are me I don’t want to be free.

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