Triangulation in Computer Vision

In cricket and tennis, we often see the ball’s position shown with the help of some technology such as hawk-eye. This technology helps in the Decision Review System, to make decisions. If we consider…


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42 unique games will debut on the platform in the next seven days

The year is coming to an end and what a year it has been. We have introduced 60 new games and an NFT collection, topped the polls for community engagement regularly, and hosted $1000 tournaments and campaigns for our users. It’s safe to say it’s been a success.

The team wants to top off a stellar year by making good on a promise made in early 2022. By Dec 31, there will be 100 unique games on our platform. So far, nearly 60 games are on-site. Over the next seven days, we will add another 42 games to our expanding catalog, all free-to-play, all unique, and accessible from your web browser. Here’s a short list of ones to watch out for:

Atomic Racer is a thrilling interstellar racing game. Players must collect blue orbs and avoid red orbs on a futuristic track to maximize points and survive.

Boy Adventure is a level-based side-scrolling shooter. Travel through the worlds, conquer enemies, and navigate tricky terrain in this Story Mode adventure.

Brawler Master is a 3-D street fighting game where players take on waves of enemies with only their fists. Withstand the waves and bash your way to victory in a brawl for the ages.

Cycle Stunts is an adrenaline-fueled game of technique and composure. Take your skills to the skyscrapers, launching off a variety of obstacles to perform stunts and collect coins.

From archery to zombies to golf to gangsters, the final batch of the 100 games mission has it all. This is by far the largest number of games released on our platform simultaneously, providing our users with a massive selection of new and exciting options for the holidays and beyond. Keep up to date, as these games can drop anytime between now and the new year. Enjoy the holidays, NAKAFam, and prepare to be blown away!

Nakamoto Games Sprint Objectives


- Implement the rental system for NFT land and buildings.

- Implement the Story Mode reward/season pass rewards.

- Implement a new front-end website.

- Implement favorite games feature.

- Complete 100 Games mission.


- Implement the rental system for NFT land and buildings.

- Re-structure all APIs to support the new website.

- Implement the portal service for partner games.

- Implement favorite games feature.

- Support 100 Games mission.


- Update automated test.

- Manual test.

Smart Contract

- Support Binance Balance Vault for buying NFTs.

- Support the rental system for NFT buildings.

- Implement the 3 signatures contract.

UX/UI and Game Design

- Design the game artwork for the 100 Games mission.

- Redesign the new Nakamoto Games website.

- Support NAKAVERSE assets.

Game Dev

- Implement 100 Games mission.

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