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The fifth step for Africa to reap from its efforts

The fifth script for Africa’s due diligence

To end the narrative, a discussion on the secondary light industry is going to be undertaken. With the presence of entrepreneurs, all participating stakeholders in this sector are right in their own ways, since there are many ways to do entrepreneurship. Thus, with this kind of people participating largely in the industrial sector, there is a need to make sure that they get recognition and support. In the west, they use the stock exchange, and this not only makes a company famous but it can also lure investors. Such systems are not that popular in Africa, and there is much need to normalize their presence and also to endorse them to a greater extent.

This development can further drop down to a penny stock exchange, which allows small companies to be listed for willing investors so that their businesses grow. If it works well, many companies in the informal sector might have a chance to build sustainable businesses with the funding.

What controls the entrepreneurial world is innovation. I have heard somewhere that ideas belong to the universe, so the quest of gathering such ideas is not much of a difficult one. Innovation hubs already set up can be designed to maximize the absorption of ideas from the institutions in which they are situated. After gathering ideas, they can also be the first ones to invest in a person’s idea by helping him build a company and register it. This then returns the company to the cycle, where it can be listed on a penny stock exchange via the hub. This just entails that they would have created a small company for their clients.

The assistance does not stop there; they can renovate their systems so that there is competition within a university in terms of student channeling. This will ensure that the best students get a chance and that every interested student gets recognition. The road might be long, but ideas and students both grow in the process. Successful students can attract investors for them via existing hub methods.

To ensure their client’s success, they must always maintain good relations with entrepreneurs, particularly those who do well in the city where the university is located. This would help aspiring entrepreneurs get mentorship from experts.

A national entrepreneurs’ board is required in addition to a refurbished innovation hub system. This would be a coalition of all the entrepreneurs in the nation, thus creating a store for all their expertise. The board’s benefits do not end in skill sharing; they also extend to providing what entrepreneurs need and require from their authorities via a systemized approach.

After all, this is done, knowledge is still not equally distributed in the African context. People in rural areas might receive the same knowledge criteria but not the same abundance of knowledge. If this breach of inequality is fixed, knowledge distribution can aid entrepreneurial success. With all this done, channels need to be opened for international investors. As political relations between continents directly affect an entrepreneur’s opportunity.

To get this all started, countries continent-wide might need to have a fair tax imposed whose proceeds are transparent. If this fails, there needs to be more effort put into funding this particular industrial sector, as it has the most hope.

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