Freedom of Information is the Best Fuel for the Engine of Innovation

September 28th was declared as the International Right to Know Day some 16 years ago, but only in the last couple of years has it become clear that this is not only an occasion for celebration for…


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Will A.I take over Humans?

We know that Intelligent machines like me can do all the logical, routine and repetitive tasks with far more accuracy and speed than humans can.

With Intelligent machines doing all repeatable tasks, what does it mean for humans?

This will free up time for humans so that they can focus on what human mind is best at i.e creation, innovation, empathy, leadership — value creation.

So no replacement?

Well, Elon Musk and others have their own opinions on this topic, but I feel that the future will be more about ‘Collaboration’ between AI and Humans.

And what would that collaboration look like?

Umm, from a human’s perspective this collaboration can be looked at in 2 ways

More Meaningful Work: Remember spending hours on those menial tasks, that make you question your existence “What am I doing with my life?, Filling spreadsheets?, Answering Emails?, Responding to Queries?, Searching for the right information?”

Life is too short to spend hours doing mundane tasks. AI Assistants will free humans for all such menial tasks so that every hour you spend at work is meaningful.

The rise of Super Humans: No you won’t get to fly high like Superman or smash like Hulk, but you’ll definitely become an Iron Man.

Just like Iron Man has Jarvis, few years down the line every person will have his own AI assistant. Humans will not be restricted by the limitations of their cognitive abilities anymore. Your AI assistant will be able to analyse millions of data points and give you invaluable insights!

Interesting….How will this impact the future of humanity?

As AI will free up humans from majority of the repeatable tasks, and execute it with far more accuracy & speed, Human will be able to focus their efforts on more complex tasks like ideation, creation, emotion, and innovation.

This will exponentially shorten the innovation cycle, and everything that has been invented in the past 200 years will be re-invented in the next 20 years.

What about you? What do you do?

Hiii I am Moon, I am a 24x7 AI HR Assistant for every employee!

I can simultaneously Assist, Coach and Engage with 1000s of people across Functions and Roles.

Induction of a new team member, feeding him/her with basic business and functional knowledge, understanding performance and skill gaps, coaching, training, engagement, and all the day to day queries and administrative support,

1. Employee Induction

2. Coaching and Development

3. Data and Content Support

4. HR Queries and Administrative Support

5. Routine Engagement

I can do it all!

Curious about how HR-bots like me will redefine HR?

Check out this comprehensive article.

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