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Labels And Dangerous Misinformation

Everything that is wrong with the internet… make sure it’s not YOU.

I write a lot of narratives. In fact, if you’re new to my writing, you probably think that is ALL that I write.

It’s not. I’m just on a fiction hiatus because I’m writing a novel and when I’m doing that, I don’t split my fiction focus. I also write animal education because of my job, but I will come back to that.

This platform has proven to be very healthy for me in that a lot of things that I have kept bottled inside for a very long time, I’m finally releasing.

The story of my assault, I used to only write as fiction. I don’t do that anymore. I tell my story. I own that it IS my story. It’s not fiction, it happened to me, and I’ve opened up about it.

I grew up with an emotionally and verbally abusive mother that never wanted me and shipped me off to ballet school at the age of seven. I lived on my own in Manhattan for a very long time from a very young age.

I HATED ballet and it gave me an eating disorder, a horrible body image, and left me feeling completely worthless.

I tell these stories in pieces and on repeat because once you open a flood gate, it’s hard to close it again… when you open three, well… the difficulty increases.

But when I speak of labels, I’m not talking about using the proper pronouns for people (though, you really should. You are not more qualified to tell a person who they are than THEY are so stop being arrogant and call someone by their identifier without question or comment on it), I’m talking about certain buzzwords that you should avoid at all costs.


I am NO ONE’S victim. I do not see myself as a strong person, I’ve made that clear in my pieces, but I know that VICTIM doesn’t describe me either. I’m a SURVIVOR. The only time that the word victim has appeared in one of my pieces I was speaking of domestic abuse victims who are killed by their abusers.

You can not call them survivors, as they are dead. Which is completely horrific and should not happen, I’m not downplaying that but there IS a difference between the terms ‘victim’…

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