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Are you aware of your mental window??

Our attitude is the mental window through which we see the world . What we think throughout the day becomes an integral part of our brain. And then it takes the form of our attitude. Humans with positive attitude have clean mental window , they see the world with pessimism and the others with negative attitude with optimism.

You might be thinking what is this mental window?? So here’s your answer ….

This mental window subconsciously rules our mind! That’s why it becomes necessary to make sure that your mental window is clean time to time. The most important thing is how this mental window becomes dirty?? And how do we clean it??

Our virtual window gets soiled by our own experiences and thoughts . When we were born we had a clean mental window. As a child we learn to walk , even after falling so many times we didn’t loose hope and still stand up to walk again. Soon that child grows , experiences things that hurts him. The mud of disappointment, discouragement , doubt , rejection began to accumulate on our mental window which once was clean and beautiful. All humans have a painful past , that’s stucked to their mind .

Let’s take an example to make it more clear . My friend Neha liked to sing .But had stage fear when was younger . After so much effort she coped herself up and decided to face her fear to get rid of it. In her annual concert she decided to sing a song. She practiced very hard but when she arrived on the stage , her fear overtook her . She was not able to sing , for she felt embarrassed. Suddenly Neha started crying and run of the stage . After all this mischief, her coach instead of helping her to not cry , scolded her by saying that she spoiled his name. All this made the situation even worse. This tragic moment is still hid in Neha’s memory. Neha made her mental window dirty just coz of one incident . Since that incident she never tried again and took her self as a useless child. She thinks she can’t do any thing. Neha is discouraged by her coach.

But this process of accumulation of dirt continues and then it becomes too smudgy for us too see any thing good or positive from it . In the similar way most of us have piled up the smudge from our past experiences that are affecting us to see the world with enthusiasm. The hurtful memories that we must have forgotten are still with us . And this is the major reason behind our fears and doubts towards ourself. Unless we clean this mental window, we won’t be able to see the world with positivity and happiness.

It’s our choice to clean that window’s of our. For the ones who choose to clean it, life will become brighter and more meaningful and for those who don’t , it will be frustrating and negative.

To clean your mental window you have to get committed to yourself. When you change your attitude, your mental window will be clean itself.

There is a beautiful quote by William Shakespeare ,

. I hope this article have given you an insight of your mental window. You will be now able to relate why you aren’t capable of doing so well till now. But In my upcoming article I’ll be discussing about ways to clean your mental window , that will surely help you to think more effectively. Thank you so much for your valuable time.

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