The Internet Computer is different

The Ethereum community played a key role in the genesis of the Internet Computer project, and will use the network to extend the capabilities of Ethereum dapps.


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Creative solutions

VR PARK is a virtual reality platform that is fully decentralized with advanced broadcasting and game cinema technology. vR PARK aims to encourage the adoption of virtual reality by building platforms where users and organizations can stream their virtual reality experiences to the world - whether to stream personal VR experiences or stream commercial events such as documentaries, concerts and sporting eventswho uses VR PARK Technologyke dalamSince the introduction of VR technology several years ago, the virtual reality industry has experienced tremendous growth and popularity among technology enthusiasts and non-tech users as well as the impossibility previously made reality through the use of technology virtual reality. the size of the virtual reality market continues to grow too. This is projected to grow from $ 1 billion to a market size of $ 30B in 2020.

VR PARK will build a platform that follows the success of virtual reality technology - by providing a community-based platform where ordinary users not only become viewers, but also can share their real experiences with other users anywhere in the world. for example, viewers living in the United States can install VR headsets and see through ribbon lenses in Italy or Japan, from the comfort of their home.

Virtual reality (Virtual Reality, VR) is an artificial world created with the help of hardware and software, transmitted to a person through his/her sensations: sight, hearing, touch, and others. Virtual reality simulates the impact of the user on

some objects modeled in the virtual space, on other users (subjects), whose presence is modeled in the virtual space and the response from the objects and subjects. Synthesis of properties and reactions of virtual reality occurs in real time,

which creates a convincing feeling of interaction with it. The diference between virtuality and physical reality, which is the inner state of the individual, is the procedural interaction between material technical processes and the human mind.

VR Park is a multifunctional center that has the necessary hardware, software and specially modeled premises and their furnishings for the implementation of various types of visitors' activities, such as playing in virtual reality, learning using

immersion in virtual reality, developing software and hardware solutions for games and solving various problems with the use of virtual reality technology and some others.

VR Park Digital Platform is a platform for developing and testing games and other software that implements and uses virtual reality to solve various tasks, as well as a service for distributing such games and programs.

HTC Vive & Tesla Suit is a company that owns the rights to hardware and software products under the VR Park brand, which are the basis of VR Park and provided to the participants of the VR Park digital platform.

VR HDM is a virtual reality head-mounted display and related elements; together they are called a virtual reality helmet.

As a rule, it is fastened to the head using a universal mount, which, together with the lens system configuration that corrects images, allows anyone to comfortably use the helmet.

SDK is a software development kit that allows a software engineer to create applications for a specific software package, software of basic development tools, operating systems and other platforms.

API is an application programming interface, description of mechanisms (sets of classes, procedures, functions, structures

or constants) by which one software can interact with another. It allows you to use the functionality of the program, leaving the functionality implementation aside.

Rendering (rendering) is a term in the computer graphics denoting the process of obtaining an image using a computer model (visualization) with the help of the program for subsequent transmission to a person through any output device. The model in this case is a set of descriptions of some objects or phenomena in the computer 3D space in a programming language designed for that purpose. The description may contain a wide range of data, such as the geometric features of the object, the position of the observer point at a certain moment in time, information about lighting and physical characteristics of the materials of the object, data for simulating any real physical interaction between the elements of the object and other information using which the computer program is able to obtain realistic Images. As a rule, the degree of image realism depends on the computing capabilities of the hardware platform on which the visualization takes place.

The VR Park project is a defining element in the development trends of VR technology and augmented reality. The general partner of VR Park is Tesla Suit & HTC Vive, on whose technological and software basis existing interactive zones are built; it has a powerful intellectual base for development, modification and implementation of the declared products on the global VR industry market. Presently augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is actively taking over the entertainment industry. Thanks to modern technologies, VR provides a completely new kind of interaction with the virtual digital world, bringing this direction to a new level of providing sensations and opportunities for the realization of creative ideas.

The Rockefeller Foundation estimates that the VR industry is likely to form a market with 100 billion annual turnover in the next 5 years. However, one of the key problems hindering the full development of the technology is the lack of quality content for VR equipment. We ofer a software and hardware solution, that will attract a huge audience around the world, to create and monetize high-quality VR content - the VR Park (Virtual Reality Park) platform. The platform combines smart VR parks spaces and SDKs for creating VR applications and a repository, so it unites developers and consumers of the content. The platform

will be based on the Virtual Park Company technical base, which guarantees the realization of all the most advanced Virtual Reality technologies in the VR Park project. In addition,

work has been carried out on the creation of special SDKs and APIs that would greatly simplify the creation of VR content and its integration, therefore it becomes possible to involve stakeholders in the development of the system. The unique experience of the Virtual Reality Park team helps realize the task. At the end of 2016, the work on technology that allows instantly transferring all human movements to the virtual world began, and after almost two years, the task is being implemented completely and uncompromisingly.

Technological solution of Tesla Suite & HTC Vive is a real breakthrough in the VR industry. Not just a prototype, but a fully working product with aqualitatively new level of user interaction with the virtual world, is available.

In December 2017, our first VR park in St. Petersburg, Virtual Park Company, was launched. In 2017, another 5 franchises were opened in Russia and Europe. Moreover, we have an understanding that our product is in demand throughout Europe and the UAE. Based on this, the plans of the companies VR Park for the next 18 months are the opening of 28 virtual reality parks in Europe, America and the UAE.

To constantly encourage the interest in VR parks from the consumer audience, new game worlds and diferent scenarios for applications are needed. Thus, the network of our own and franchise-open parks will provide a stable basis and will become the first customer of VR applications on the platform, immediately creating financial activity and turnover of

fiat money on it. This will also be facilitated by a fund established by the project, which is formed in the amount of 5% of the funds raised during the VR Park ICO campaign, from which third-party VR application developers will be remunerated.

For the development and promotion of the platform on the market, an ICO fundraising campaign is being conducted by VR Park. The VR tokens released during the tokensale process will have the token utility function and serve as an internal calculation tool in the system. About 60 percent of the ICO funds collected during the tokensale will be spent on

developing a network of own VR parks, which will significantly increase the overall demand for VR tokens and increase its liquidity, which will subsequently provide an incentive for other participants to join the platform.

VR Pay will allow you to use VR tokens as a unit for the purchase of goods or services within the projects created on the platform, which will lead to increased

liquidity of the token. The API will enable integration of VR products with other products, and allow developers to introduce the function of making in-game

purchases using the VR token.

For this purpose, special libraries have been created for fast integration with Unreal Engine, as well as a set of Web API methods for self-integration. VR PAY will be used to process all transactions within the game world, which will make your in-game purchase costs lower and your data transfer speed faster. For the convenience of users, the payment module will be linked to the ICO project’s account, which will allow you to keep a deposit in tokens and quickly pay for various purchases right inside the games, without switching to external payment resources.

VR Park sees its mission in the further development of the VR industry market and its integration with the classic open market in order to improve the quality and distribution of the VR content generated.

That is why we create our multifunctional platform as efcient and convenient for the end user, and also strive to popularize and develop it.

The safety, convenience and efciency of the activities carried out with the help of the VR Park project will not only facilitate the activities of many disabled people, but also give them a positive experience and ultimately make them active participants in creating a bright technological future.

Combining a large number of Tesla Suit & HTC Vive patented hardware and software solutions within a single platform will allow people to easily test various video game innovations and software simulators used for training in various fields of science, thereby providing the users with an understanding of their development strategy and embodying previously

unknown experience in their reality.

All actions and movements of the user, no matter how complex they may seem, can be read by the Tesla Suit system due to the combination of data from body sensors and HTC Vive surveillance cameras. Often, the barrier between a person and a new technology is the complexity of initiation, which consists in the lack of accessible and understandable tools of interaction. The fruitful development of the VR Park project and the entire VR industry market leads to the emergence of a considerable number of interesting and innovative projects, many of which use cryptocurrencies to attract investments.

A large number of entertainment and learning content within the VR Park platform allows you to immerse yourself in the gaming or educational process. Various applications, including MED VR from VR Park company, have their own unique mechanics and give you the opportunity to try them out on your personal experience. This technology helps a person to form an objective opinion about the industry and correctly apply the experience gained in his work and allows him/her to feel the spirit of modern VR technologies.

Often, platforms for working with VR content are fixated only on extracting their own profit. VR Park takes care of its users who are involved in the development of the platform and robust financial activities.

Many of them run their own business, developing it at the expense of promising technologies in the VR industry. Such people form the market, accelerating its evolution. For them, VR Park together with Tesla Suit & HTC Vive has developed a system of internal bonuses within the franchise, which supports their initiative and enterprise.

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