Guest Speaker Reflection

Danke Herr Schulz! I found the talk to be engaging, informative, and helpful for an upcoming trip to Germany. One of the most interesting points made by Herr Schulz was about the collective sense of…


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I want to reduce my shower time. The consequence is that I will spend less money for energy and for water.

I have been recording the time of my showers. I’ve also measured the time it takes to fill a gallon with water from my shower so that I know how many gallons of water I use while showering.

During the first week of this project, I felt better when I realized that I was doing well by bathing less time and using less water. This also meant I was not wasting my parents money as much as I was two weeks ago.

My day 1: I felt scared because I had not done anything about the DOT project

My day 2: I forgot to measure and record my shower time

My day 3: I did it and it was not so difficult but my classmate told to me that the project has to be three minutes to read.

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