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General DataTypes

So DataTypes are everywhere in coding and depending on the framework you are working on. Lets let’s focus on the ones that are universal to software development.

Can be used to show some text in any project. Can be used by either single quotation marks (‘ Some TEXT here’) or double quotation marks (“Some more TEXT here”).

Can be used to establish whole numbers in any project. Because they are literal numbers, they are simple to establish numerical variables. ( 1, 54, 201, 456009)

Similar to integer DataType, Floats are used to represent decimal numbers for projects that need precession or requires exact numbers. (1.5, 26.90, 395.79)

Can be used to represent TRUE or FALSE statements. These DataTypes come really handy when establishing if statements or creating methods that depend on an outcome becoming true. However you cannot store a Boolean variable inside an array. Most likely you can store them in an object.

Can be represented by wrapping all past DataTypes in brackets to form an array of whatever you need. [ ‘This is a string’, 1, 2.6] Preferable to make an array of a single DataType to make it less confusing. Traversing an array is fairly simple as well. Since we are humans, we already know that when you number something we start at 1 BUT, how do computers know that? Trick question they don’t. They always start with identifying 0 as the start. So think of an array like so array = [1,2,3]. If you would like the first (or INDEX), variable of the array you can type array[0].

It’s the little things to be grateful and amazed about. Seeing that all computers can understand some type of DataType is pretty incredible to think about. The future is looking bright and I can’t wait to see something new to learn.

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