The endless thoughts around what topic to write for my “Curiosity Project” made me feel like I was juggling everything at once, which gave me the idea to write about Balancing Life. This idea came…


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Genesis Supply Chain Platform are proud to announce the launch of the GSC Aviation project.

The revolutionary GSC Platform has officially started — this is the place where aviation meets the blockchain. We are breathing new life into a practical, serious and expensive niche of the aviation industry, with the GSC Platform running on blockchain technology.

Aviation is a huge industry with a $1.3 Trillion market cap*, and its own supplychain mechanisms that are used by such companies as Boeing, Airbus, and many others on a daily basis. I know this, as a specialist in this sector with more than 7 years of experience, and I am well aware of the issues that need to be resolved.

GSC will make it easy to search, discover and analyze not only global tenders, but also smaller suppliers. By using decentralized blockchain algorithms, this will allow companies to work to find efficiencies and show full traceability throughout.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, this is going to be so huge that it can’t be described in just a few words!

ICO Presale starting on July 1st.

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