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Goals Update 7th July 2020

Got a firmware update for my Charge 4. Most notably, it includes smart wake. Will be interesting to see if that helps me to wake up.

Wake up immediately when my alarm goes off every day in July. I woke up at 7.30am just after my alarm went off. 18 days in a row now. Difficulty: 9/10 Motivation: 8/10

Lose 4kg in July, hitting 91.4kg. 95.45kg, up from 95.4kg. Difficulty: 10/10 Motivation: 10/10

Do 100,000 steps this week, including 100,000 steps this week. 8,136 steps. Obviously a disappointing number as the target is to hit 10,000 every day. But it rained all day. :( Difficulty: 5/10 Motivation: 10/10

Run 5km at a pace of 5'30 min/km or 27'30" minutes altogether. Jog 8km continuously without stopping. It was raining all day, didn’t get a chance to do any running.

Don’t drink any alcohol and stay away from unnecessary sweet stuff. Did it! Difficulty: 1/10 Motivation: 10/10

Do 50 pushups & 2 minute plank. This was a real struggle. Difficulty:8/10 Motivation: 7/10

Fix posture. Difficulty: 7/10 Motivation: 7/10

Stop fidgeting. Still fidgeting a lot. Difficulty: 9/10 Motivation: 4/10

Strength training: Break day

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