The free pizza fallacy!

When I started neighborrow (a company that was both “too early” too unfocused on the right problem to solve — but one that continues to test things in the space using leanstartup techniques) I was…


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Meeting with mentor

one time a was very confuse and depress. I lost my confidence level and my self esteem was very low. then I decided to meet with a mentor. So Qasim Ali Shah is my favorite mentor. I found him through social media. Then I managed to find his contact number with the help of my brother. Then I contacted him and discussed my problems. He listened me very keenly. His attitude with me was like father. He was the first person who guided in a professional way. He was very humble, tolerant and patient while guiding me. After this conversation, my anxiety level was decreased.

Some time ago when I started my BS degree, I was finding too much difficulties in study. Then I contacted a educationist. He resolved my problem of study.

These were the moments that have changed my life helped me to grow towards professional life. It has also changed my way of thinking.

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