5 Freelance Life Hacks

Do you know the feeling towards the end of the day that you were very busy all day long but as if you didn’t get anything done? Or when a client calls you, are you taken by surprise and don’t know…


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How to Develop an Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?

A quick speech about yourself and background to put simply, why the elevator pitch? The pitch should be about as long as the duration of an elevator ride. I suppose this is when this comes in handy to introduce oneself to others around you while in the elevator to build and improve your connections with people or in a scenario you’re trying to talk to your CEO about an idea.


Hi, I’m Diane Lin and as an aspiring artist with a board portfolio of works in different mediums. I have an extensive bound for creating pieces that are meaningful to clients. I’ve created brands, book cover illustrations and graphics, with these set of skills I can be commissioned for whatever you are envisioning.

Steps to Develop an Elevator Pitch.

Remember the point is to be straight forward and brief. Try to keep it within 30–60 seconds, we don’t need a full history of your career or objectives.

Persuasion. It should be interesting enough to your audience that they will ask questions or give your idea some thought.

So no full history of your career but you do need to talk about why you think you’re qualified and what skills you have under your belt.

This is an amazing chance to give off a good first impression because those matter! When you’re presenting the pitch you want to sound friendly and flexible. Be honest with what you’re saying so don’t lie about things you don’t want to do. Ex: if you don’t want to travel a lot for work, that’s completely fair — but you needn’t volunteer that information right off the bat. (Doyle, 2019)

Don’t forget the reason for the elevator pitch is your goals, again does not need to be too specific. Ex: “a role in accounting” or “an opportunity to apply my sales skills to a new market” or “to relocate to San Francisco with a job in this same industry.” (Doyle, 2019)

Know your audience, keep in mind of your wording. If you’re speaking to recruiters, perhaps attempt a more professional tone and in terms.

Keep your business cards on you, to have them ready at end to give them something to remember you by. A plus if it’s designed in memorable way.

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