Best Home Painting

In today we all know that we can paint our home without any professional help. However professional help is necessary when you don’t know how to do it with cleanliness. Though professional and best…


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Elrond The Next Gen Crypto Right now.

With its Adaptive State Sharding Architecture, it’s Transaction per second can reach limitless. Sounds good right? it is what we need right now, in everyday use, no more waiting for long transactions. with elrond we are the future.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that we all know since 2011, but its tech is no where close to elrond, Second is Ethereum with its scripting language added to smart contracts is not even close comparing to elrond’s security,scalability and decentralization

Elrond has the capability to build everything from scratch to now leading the future tech improvement in Blockchain Adapative State Sharding Architecture, Secure Proof of stake, Decentralization, Communication.

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