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Hiring Rockstars for your Startup

One of the most crucial things you do in a startup is hire awesome people. I’m a big believer that getting your hiring right can mean the difference between superstar success and the deadpool.

Over time our hiring process has morphed from just our CTO and I interviewing candidates to our current process of hiring by committee. Somehow we managed to hire amazing superstars — due entirely to a combination of luck and a supremely talented CTO!

As we’ve grown the business we’ve evolved this process. We have 3 key rules and a highly-structured method. It’s too early to tell if this is really as good as we think but indications so far are very positive hence my desire to share.

3 Key Rules:

Method to the Madness

Things to think about:

Finally — never be afraid to say no. You might love a candidate but if they’re not right for you — Just Say No!

[First Published on September 10, 2015 on LinkedIn]

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