5 Freelance Life Hacks

Do you know the feeling towards the end of the day that you were very busy all day long but as if you didn’t get anything done? Or when a client calls you, are you taken by surprise and don’t know…


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How to improve your daily scrum

I am not happy with how the daily scrums are being held in our scrum team. We talk about what we’ve done the last day and what we plan to do the ongoing day. However, no one is interested in the work of others because every team member has their projects and customers they work with. The other members have no real interest in what they have accomplished in their project because they don’t have anything to do with it. Sure, we all develop the same application but every customer has their requirements and their way of working with the application. That is why no one is listening to what the others are saying. In my opinion, our daily scrum is a waste of time. I want to change that.

To accomplish a mindset change for me and my team members, I researched from the ground up. What is the daily scrum really about and how does it become an effective way of team communication. I will identify problems in our daily scrum and will try to give ideas on how to solve them.

First let’s start from scratch and talk about what the daily scrum is about. The daily scrum is a 15-minute long event that is held every work-day in the scrum process. To make it less complex it should always be held at the same time every day in the morning. The event is held by and for the developers only. The scrum master ensures that the meeting happens every day and that it doesn’t exceed the 15-minute time box. In the daily scrum the developers discuss their progress toward the sprint goal. Its purpose is to improve communication, identify impediments, promote quick decision-making and eliminate the need for other meetings between all developers. Often times some members meet directly afterwards to further discuss addressed problems or replan the rest of the sprint. But the most important fact about the daily scrum that I discovered when researching is the following:

The purpose of the daily scrum is not to give a project manager, the product owner or the scrum master a status update on how far you have progressed with your work. Its most important point is to identify problems, blockers or impediments in the development process and communicate about how they are affecting the sprint goal. The developers then either solve the problems or replan the sprint. They do this on their own with no…

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