Normalizing The Humanity In The Human Journey

It took three trips to an inpatient psychiatric unit, two trips to drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, and an epiphany that I’d desperately needed for 27 years for me to find my purpose.


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Understanding The Metals Business With An API That Gives You Historical Rates

When we think of investing in metals, we immediately think of precious metals like gold, silver, or palladium, but there are others that are even more valuable and might be appealing for investment. In reality, contrary to popular assumption, gold is not the most expensive precious metal, since this honor belongs to rhodium. Investing in precious metals is classified as an alternative investment. Alternative investments have a lesser association with the economic cycle, which means that asset prices are less impacted by economic conditions.

When investing in metals, it is essential to consider the units of measurement. The price of precious metals is generally expressed in USD per troy ounce. One troy ounce weighs around 31.10 grams. It is possible to invest directly in precious metals with the intention of speculating and purchasing metal bars such as gold or silver. However, the most common way to invest in metals is through shares of mining firms. Shares of mining businesses such as Barrick Gold will rise if the price of precious metals rises.

If you’re seeking an API (Application Programming Interface) to acquire exact and historical precious metals pricing, don’t hesitate to use Metals-API. Many businessmen utilize this service since it makes obtaining metal prices simple, quick, and secure. All of this with an accuracy of two decimal places and a minute update rate! Using the attributes of any precious metal, you can decide the best moment to invest in it.

More than 200,000 users are presently enjoying great success with Metals-API. It also has 25 million inquiries per day, 19 years of historical data, and a 48ms average response time. Customers include Chainlink, Metex, Changelly, and Mansour.

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I left behind in the sea; I look to the sky and see the difference between you and me. You are me; we are supposed to be one but time set you free. I’m not blind, I just didn’t see that you’re alive…