Know when to walk away

During practice he would passive aggressively Correct my techniques, rolling his eyes, sigh and just about do everything he could to make the chemistry between us vanish. Hands down, it was one of…


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The free pizza fallacy!

The problem is more with the timing than the technique. It’s ok to use loss leaders to gain market share or to get them in store when you are reasonably sure it will sell something else.

Buying downloads and calling it proper market validation is a mistake.

For many, this will sound cliche but you should be buying learning not downloads.

I am hugely in favor of the LOSS part of loss leaders. Founders should validate their products by doing things that do not scale as Paul Graham says. But there needs to be some CAUSAL (not correlative) relationship in an experiment between the action the person takes and the value of the product itself.

This theory applies most of you are testing the VALUE PROPOSITION of course.

If you are doing USABILITY TESTING it is perfectly acceptable to buy a half an hour of someone’s time to learn about them. Just make sure you remove as much bias from the test as possible.

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