The free pizza fallacy!

When I started neighborrow (a company that was both “too early” too unfocused on the right problem to solve — but one that continues to test things in the space using leanstartup techniques) I was…


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Know when to walk away

IMPORTANT: For explanation of EE’s and EV’s, see the bottom of this article.

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EV’s can take a variety of forms.

Such as the following;

One day at the fight gym I was paired with a guy I’d talked to a couple of times.

During practice he would passive aggressively Correct my techniques, rolling his eyes, sigh and just about do everything he could to make the chemistry between us vanish. Hands down, it was one of the worst, if not the worst training I have ever been to. Sure, I got to practice my art, but it wasn’t good practice. And, the mood soured as the training Session progressed. By the end of the practice, the guy left fast. Didn’t even say goodbye. I think he was very frustrated.

Don’t you just love these people who seem to know the answer for everything and go out of their way to remind you that you’re not delivering according to expectations?

Yeah, I bet you have sustained them as well.

To the bloke’s defense, a lot of what he said was right. But, some of it wasn’t. And he was oftentimes making similar mistakes as the ones he pointed out in me.

All in all, I’d say it was a worthwhile experience because now I know Who *not* to train together with for next time.

[He probably feels the same way].

Anyway, this bloke isn’t a ‘bad person’ or anything like that.

He is just the worst sort of drilling partner for me. And, quite likely wouldn’t make for a proper acquaintance either. Especially since he revealed some borderline unethical and most unwise choices about his life. Which, I couldn’t support.

[Yes I am being incredibly vague on Purpose for safety reasons].

With that being said, the point is simple.

Know when to walk away, Unless being caught in a quagmire of arguments and fruitless discussions is your schtick [which if it is, I definitely cannot help you].

But if you’re willing to get to ‘know thyself’ and Understand that you need to walk away, say no more and enforce boundaries, then yes indeed we can talk.

That is, if you’re willing to invest money into this. I do not work for free [or cheap].

I offer in-depth education on how to deal with EV’s, tailored to your unique situation.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, let’s have a chat.

And to have a chat, you must be subscribed to my email list. Sign up by following the link in the bio.


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EE: Energy Enabler. A positive, happy and uplifting person that makes you feel good and who wants you to succeed. They always cheer for you and they want to Believe in you. Makes you want to want to go around and affect other people in the same way. Often good looking and successful.

EV: Energy Vampire. Someone who brings you down mentally and psychologically. Often they attack you passive aggressively or they use your attention to make themselves feel good. Hardly or never compliments you. You feel like all life has been sucked out of you when you interact with them.

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