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Come with me, take my hand, and if you stay, this is my offer:

Despite my tiredness and even if I can’t get up, I’ll never release you and I’ll always be your strength, while you want to hug me.

Although at times I can no longer smile and do not want to continue; As long as you look at me with your crystalline eyes, I will do what will be necessary to make you always happy.

As long as you say you love me, I will never let myself be defeated by nostalgia or fear; I will seek that that love that you profess to me be eternal and embraces us both.

When the storms of life hit us and we believe that there is no solution; I will be your impenetrable wall as long as you have faith in me.

When you have doubts or conflicts and do not know what to do; As long as you want to kiss me and stay with me. I will look to the end of the world to find the solution, because you are simply my only passion.

This is my offer, and I hope be enough for you; But if it’s not what you expected I regret and I leave, however I leave you now my soul, which was yours since I met you.

Gabriel Soberanis

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