Meeting with mentor

one time a was very confuse and depress. I lost my confidence level and my self esteem was very low. then I decided to meet with a mentor. So Qasim Ali Shah is my favorite mentor. I found him through…


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Should Dems consider Cuomo over Biden?

He is modeling what presidential leadership should look like.

He looks like the kind of candidate the Democrats should run in the fall election against Trump.

And while Bernie hasn’t officially backed out, it is foregone conclusion that Biden will have enough convention votes to sew up the nomination.

Of course, he could renege on his commitment and pick Cuomo, who has emerged as the most electable Democrat we currently have — and groom him to take over after one term, or sooner.

Or he could step aside and make way for Cuomo before the nominating convention this summer.

Doing his job as New York governor between now and the November election — and doing it well — while Trump continues to bungle his way through the COVIS-19 crisis, would be the most effective alternative to a campaign to unseat Trump.

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