Does Samsung have a built in screen protector?

Protecting the phone from everyday wear and tear is necessary as it has become one of the devices that we use quite frequently. We often use various types of phone covers but tend to forget the…


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Five Tips for Preparing for a Trail Race

1. Allow yourself time for training. Register for a race far enough in advance so that you can train properly for it. Consider training for at least four to six weeks for a 5k race and 8 to 10 weeks for a 10k race.

2. Dress appropriately. Running will warm your body, so consider dressing as if the weather is approximately 15 degrees warmer than it actually will be. You can wear a pair of cheap sweatpants to keep warm before the race and discard them at the start. In addition, remember to wear a pair of running shoes that will be appropriate for the terrain.

3. Study the course. Study the race course to familiarize with the location of aid stations and the types of terrain and obstacles you will encounter. You can factor these obstacles into your training so you’ll be prepared for them.

4. Build strength. Incorporate exercises into your routine to build strength and balance, which will help you tackle obstacles and maintain your pace.

5. Focus on your pace. On race day, avoid running faster than your usual pace and ignore those who make a fast start off the line. Maintaining the same speed you trained with throughout the race will preserve your energy. You may even want to run a little slower at the start of the race and gradually increase your speed until you reach your chosen pace.

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