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One of the opinions of the Bakkt

08.2015 Jeff Spencer be interviewed by the one of the broadcast,

The last question is ‘ how to think about the digital asset’

He told it is really positive and then a few months later, he bought

one of cryptocurrency exchange stock, everybody knows what it is.

It’s Coinbase.

They checked how it works and makes a concept the clean images.

Because Coinbase has really limited access to people who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Also, they make the prestige when the coin be listed in Coinbase.

Jeff and his wife Kelly Loeffler they got two or three years practices

how to manage the cryptocurrency exchange and also check the US regulation law.

So they make their three pros in their market.

They make a warm-wallet which is can protect two methods.

a. private key

b. warehouse key

In my thought, MS probably work for this system.

It will be one of advance for the MS’s system like Azar.

2. Currencies

They make three currencies(USD, EUR, GBP) for the BTC

It really impressed thing for me because Brexit’s agreement was not announced by broadcast.

But It is really similar to Coinbase’s currency system.

3. Can gather the mutual-fund for Cryptocurrency’s market.

Many investors hope and told this market. One of Bakkt fund 401K wants a clean and safe market too.

And SEC Chairman he almost same sentence one day ago.

My thought, Bakkt wait for the clean market, it can pass the ETF process in US secretary and regulation.

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