I have personally seen some of my friends being targeted on Ransomware and being asked to pay heavy amount to decrypt the data. They didn’t pay as the encryption happened on the local system and they…


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The Outdoors Life


No 13 of 💯: Papa’s words were words of wisdom. Enjoy a simple outdoor life and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

MyMy papa loved to fish. “Son, if it’s overcast and chilly at dawn, the fish’ll be biting. Sure bet for a big steelhead or rainbow. Pure good eatin’”

Too bad my company dumped so much toxic sludge into this river, there are no fish left.

And if you want to subscribe to Medium, here’s a link where he gets paid a trifle to sell his soul to the Corporate Overlords.

All the stories in Paul’s💯 Story Challenge.

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